Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weedshare Pushes Up Daises

It looks like Weedshare has been killed by incompatibility problems and the move to a DRM-less marketplace....

"Weedshare has suspended operations

Unfortunately, due to compatibility problems with recently released media players, the Weedshare service is no longer available.

You can still play Weed files you have bought, but it is not possible to preview or buy new Weed files. We recommend that you save Weed files you’ve purchased to CD so you will have permanent copies."

Digging some more, it sounds like they are trying to change their model and approach to ween themselves off of Microsoft...

However, Microsoft's security improvements in Microsoft to WMP 11 read files as having been illegally tampered with and refuses to play them.

John Beezer, Shared Media president, told The Register his company called time on WMP after spending six weeks trying to fix the problem. Shared Media rectified a similar issue in Windows Vista using a documented Active X fix.

"We are moving away from Microsoft because of the cost and frustration," Beezer said.

Shared Media will resurrect its service during the next six months with an offering less reliant on Microsoft. A service is planned for MP3, Flash, Open Mobile Alliance DRM version 2.0 and Microsoft's newly announced PlayReady format. "We are repurposing the system," Beezer said.

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