Monday, June 25, 2007

MP3tunes Locker (aka Oboe)

So it was recently brought (back) to my attention that MP3tunes is offering unlimited storage space in their online music locker.

MP3tunes Locker: Your Music Without Limits @ "All your music online - free!

Oboe is an online music locker with unlimited space. With just a few clicks, access your music anywhere. Free your music from your home computer - cut the cord and sign up now.
Listen on any computer

Oboe can be accessed on any computer or web-enabled device. Now you can enjoy all your music at home, work or school. Wherever you go, Oboe follows.
Unlimited Music Storage

Yes, we really mean free (though you may have a short wait). Or beat the rush and get your unlimited space now with Oboe Premium:

* Larger music files
* Unrestricted album cover art
* Full customer support

Stock it and rock it!

With Oboe Sync software, storing your music online is soooo easy. And for your viewing pleasure, we automatically add cover art to your albums. Get it now!"

While I use a couple of different remote access products to handle the streaming of my content from my home machine to my other devices - namely Winamp Remote (powered by Orb Networks) and Streampad - I thought... "what the hell, I may as well back it up online too. It doesn't cost anything". So, I'll let you know how it goes in a couple of weeks. I've downloaded the Oboe Sync application (on both my Macbook and my home Media Center machine). Most of my music (about 10K unprotected MP3s with a ton of other DRM'd stuff that won't be included) is on the latter. I started the sync 18 hours ago, and according the app... I've only got another 258 hours to go. :-)

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