Friday, June 15, 2007

SoundExchange Hates the Internet

Thanks to Rusty Hodge for pointing me to this quote in the LA Times by Jay Rosenthal (SoundExchange Board Member and co-legal counsel to the Recording Artists' Coalition):

"To some this may sound crazy, but I sincerely am starting to hate the Internet. I know you see the Internet as some incredible invention that has opened the door to unlimited distribution of music—and your lofty goal is to bring music to as many as possible. But all I see is a tidal wave of artist abuse. And the thought of webcasters emulating the Groskters of the world, and being given a free pass just reinforces my view that the Internet is not becoming a beacon of light, but a cesspool of darkness."

Wow. He should get together with Senator Ted Stevens... between his view of the Internet being a "series of tubes" and Rosenthal's "cesspool", it sounds like we have the makings of a nice sewer system.

I was going to lead into an analogy around indoor plumbing, but on second thought I think I will take another route... As automobiles first started to make there way into the hands of the mass market, there were obviously a huge number of merchants that sold parts for horse-drawn carriages. These businesses had two choices, try to stop the proliferation of cars to protect their current business model, or adapt to the demands and opportunities of the new market.

How many Buggy Whip manufacturers do you know of?

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