Monday, June 04, 2007

Marc Andreessen on Mac Apps

It looks like Marc Andreessen (yeah, that one) is starting a new blog and switching to a Mac at the same time. He goes through a similar process that all of us recent Mac converts go through... "must-have app" identification. In addition to naming the obvious iTunes for media player client, he also gives a shoutout to AOL: "Internet radio: AOL Radio -- I know, I know, but little known fact: AOL Radio gives you a good selection of commercial-free XM satellite ratio stations with high quality sound, and you don't need an XM subscription. Including the essential XM channel 40, Deep Tracks. (Where else can you hear the Electric Prunes, Molly Hatchet, and Ultimate Spinach in the same night?)"

I agree, it's a slick little app with some killer programming (my favorites are in the sidebar). It's free for all (you get more XM stations if you are still a paying AOL subscriber) and you can get it from

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