Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rolling Stone's Community Play

Sounds like Rolling Stone wants to be in the music community space...

Rolling Stone to Jump on MySpace Bandwagon | We Want Media: "Rolling Stone is the 'authority figure' for judging music (just check out all their Wikipedia links), which doesn't reflect this generation's obsession with consumer-generated content. Blanchard plans to launch a separate site that will be a social network for music fans, complete with profiles and the ability to have a say in their 'Best of' lists. Blanchard called it the 'American Idol version of lists.' Let's hope Sanjaya doesn't make it on any of those."

I'm not sure how this will fly... I haven't read Rolling Stone in a long time, and those I know that do don't belong to any social networks. Are the audiences mutually exclusive? Not sure, but does benefit from a relationship with Rhapsody (where all readers can benefit from Rhapsody's 25 free streams/month). Actually, from what I hear, is actually developed and maintained by Real Networks, with Rolling Stone editors just providing the content. Could the same type of relationship be in store for this new site? If Real was indeed working on social features, I hope they roll it out on first... I'd like some more there.

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