Monday, April 02, 2007

The Other Shoe: Amazon & eMusic?

Is the other shoe precariously dangling? Is it possible that all of this happens at once, or is this some cruel April Fool's joke that has gone on a day too long? Hypebot is now reporting that Amazon could buy (or have already bought) eMusic in the next day or so.

hypebot: Has Amazon bought eMusic? What Announcement Does EMI & Apple Have Planned For Monday Morning?: "The chatter is hot and heavy again that #2 digital download site eMusic is very close to being sold. Speculation is flying hotter than ever before that a sale is virtualy complete and that Amazon is the purchaser. Some even have an announcement happening on Monday or Tuesday. Neither company responded to Hypebot's weekend inquiries for comment."

The timing makes sense. Once the labels start selling DRM-less content, then they can quickly turn on an iPod compatible store (which would undoubtedly sell even more iPods). As for as a competitor goes, Amazon is probably the most appealing to Apple, because even if they lose (or song sales), the win (on hardware sales).

What a fun Spring this is turning out to be...

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