Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Circuit City + Napster

Ah, the definition of insanity... trying the same actions repeatedly while hoping for a different outcome each time.

reviewjournal.com -- PR Newswire Press Releases: "Starting April 29, 2007, consumers can sign up for Circuit City + Napster at http://www.circuitcity.com/napster and gain unlimited access to millions of songs on their PCs and compatible digital music devices for $14.95 per month. New subscribers will receive the first month of access free of charge, along with five free song downloads. Consumers will also find information about Circuit City + Napster and the introductory offer at Circuit City stores nationwide and on Circuitcity.com."

Just a a recap, a few years ago Circuity City bought FullAudio/MusicNow and subsequently let them die on the vine until they sold it off to AOL at the end of 2005. As we all know, AOL brought on several hundred thousand subscribers before deciding to get out of the game and sell those subscribers to Napster. Now, Circuit City does a deal with Napster to try again.

I understand why retailers feel like they need to be in the digital music game, but I don't see the incremental value for the consumers. What's next... Circuit City + Netflix?

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Unknown said...

Hi Jason,
I read this the other day and just shook my head...

I'm looking for the articles that touted the first engagement.

If CC is serious this time, maybe they'll convert a few. Then again, they would need some kind of joint strategy...