Friday, July 15, 2005 casting the net wider casting the net wider It took a little finnagling, but I just learned how to use tags in association with a podcatching client (DopplerRadio). Basically, this enables me to tag any media file I find online with my "jherskowitzpodcasts" tag and it will then automatically download to my PC and dump it into a newly created My Music/Podcasts folder. It also creates an auto-synced playlist so that they next time I connect my portable player I will get the content I tagged.

Most podcatching clients seem to have settings that allow you to specify how many files/podcasts to download, how long to keep them, maximium size allowed, etc. Once I find some copyright-free material to tag, I will let you know and you guys should be able to easily subscribe to my "channel".

UPDATE: My podcast feed is available here....

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