Wednesday, July 20, 2005

AOL's Music on Demand gets Emmy Nomination

Sweet. I certainly can't take credit for this, but it is nice to work on something that gets recognized by the industry. Check the competition out:

From Interactive TV Today :

The nominees for the Emmy for Non-Program Specific Enhanced or Interactive Television for a Channel, Network or Service are:

  • AOL Music On Demand (Zetools / Time Warner Cable)
  • The DirecTV Interactive Service (DirecTV)
  • iO Interactive Optimum Digital Cable Service (Cablevision Systems Corporation)
  • Reuters Interactive TV Channel (Reuters)
  • Sesame Street Games (Sesame Workshop)

The ITV Emmys will be presented at the Creative Arts Awards Ceremony at the Shrine Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles on September 11th. The Academy has upgraded the status of its ITV Emmys this year: the award decisions of the Interactive Media Peer Group are no longer subject to ratification by the Academy's board, and all recipients will receive Emmy statuettes; previously, it was up to the board to decide whether each recipient would receive a statuette or a simple plaque.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason, I like your blog. However, please could you credit our publication for the story on the ITV Emmys you just posted. We're called InteractiveTV today (or [itvt] for short), and our Web site is Thanks, Richard.

jherskowitz said...

Will do. I apologize for the omission...