Sunday, March 04, 2007

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2007 Induction - AOL Music

Mark you calendars and watch Spinner's (part of AOL's music network) live/commercial-free webcast of the Rock an Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2007 Induction - AOL Music

I'd say it's worth it just to watch Van Halen impolde, but Yahoo is reporting that they may not even attend, and defintely won't be performing (with Velvet Relvover playing/speaking in their stead). When I was a kid back in the early 80's, Van Halen was *it* for me. I bought an electric guitar (a starburst Fender Bullet), plastered my wall with posters of Eddie, only to realize that I didn't have the talent (or drive) to actually fulfill my dream of being the world's greatest rock and roll guitarist. My guitar teacher commenting on the challenges that lay before me and my "unusually small hands" probably didn't help motivate me much either.

Now, 25 years later, my rock idol just comes across as a crotchedly old man that would be about as fun to hang out with as a dentist who is giving you a root canal.

If nothing else, at least R.E.M. will be cool to see....

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