Thursday, March 31, 2005

Recently Played

My "Recently Played" chart seems to be working again and now (thankfully) only displays the last 10 songs as oppossed to the last 100. If you hit refresh every few minutes you will see the list update.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Netflix Feeds

So, I thought about adding a feed of my Netflix queue, or perhaps the recommendations they suggest for me but I'm not sure about what I think about that yet. Recommendations may be interesting, but I'm not sure I want everyone to know what I'm watching.

iTunes Charts

I added the iTunes Top 10 charts for the hell of it. Click those links and it will launch the iTunes app...


Hmmm... I just noticed that my "Most Recently Played" list is no longer displaying. I assume it is a bug of some sort or perhaps something is down on the MNow side. I'll check again later to see if it reappears.


I decided to replace my "Top 10" list with my "Most Recently Played" list as it is much more dynamic. I haven't figured out how to truncate it to a more manageable size (maybe just the most recent 20 songs versus 100), but hit refresh every few minutes and you will see a new song at the top of the list.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Music(k) & Tired

I found a way to publish iTunes charts as well, but I figured for the time being I would focus on the MusicNow stuff. More to come as I figure it out. I've got plenty of time to kill as I continue to rip my CD collection. I keep thinking I'm close to done, and then I stumble across more stashes of them. I just broke the 8,000 song mark, but I doubt I will make it to 9K. I don't know what people with really large collections do... mine is not that large, but several weeks later and my wife is ready to kill me. Something about being obsessed.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Two turntables and a microphone....

OK, it was really just a blogger template and a line of code. But pretty cool to be able to have a dynamically updated list of what I'm listening to on my site.