Wednesday, March 14, 2007

mediaor - a music/tech feed aggregator

About a month ago I threw out the idea of establishing a single destination with multiple bloggers that cover this "music 2.0" space... a sort of laser-focused Techcrunch. I had a few people ping me and say they were interested in contributing, but then I got busy and never got around to doing anything about it.

So, in response to my laziness on the topic, I took an easier approach.... a "river of news" style feed aggregator of music/technology focused sites that I regularly read (inclusive of this one).

In my daily routine, I use Pakeflakes as my start page and have all of these feeds (and many more) laid out as modules on the page. The problem is, some people post a lot, and others very little. This "river" allows me to quickly scan the latest and greatest without having to filter through them all individually.

I quickly pulled this together in about an hour with Tumblr (free) and a domain name I scooped up tonight through GoDaddy ($9/year).

Based on the rules of each blogger/publishers feeds, you will notice that some stories will post in full while others only provide a snippet. In either case, attribution and backlinks are always provided. Also, if you want to comment on any post you need to do that at the origin blog.

I'd be interested in what people think. Is this useful? Are there others blogs you want to see "thrown in the river"? Just let me know....

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