Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mindmap to the Stars

I am a big fan of Mindmapping software. For those people who do their best thinking standing in front of a whiteboard with marker in one hand, and eraser in the other, these applications make me more productive.

I started with Freemind (freeware), then upgraded to Mindjet (~$600), and not think I have found the next successor.

MindMeister is still in beta but it looks to be very promising. I could write more, but it's probably easier to map:

Note: they are also embeddable via an iframe directly into blog posts, but it was breaking my layout, so I just did the direct link instead.

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Anonymous said...

Among all mind mapping software I like most ConceptDraw MINDMAP It is very colourful, has a lot of styles and is integrated with iPod.