Monday, March 19, 2007

The Day the Music (Now) Died

Someone forwarded me this post from a passionate Music Now lover this morning. I can certainly empathize with her dismay and disapppointment with the move of shutting down the service and migrating everyone to Napster... albeit for slightly different reasons.

I have waxed poetic about how much I absolutely love AOL MusicNOW. It is was a full-service all-you-can-eat music vendor that allowed you to build playlists and manage your music through a web interface. You could also listen to you music online or download it to your PC/music device to listen without being connected to the intarweb (for a small increase in price). It was the only music service that allowed customized playlists and wouldn't try to foist off crappy artists you had never heard of and didn't like onto your playlist. And, the biggest bonus? It used the intarweb ports and proxies, so I could listen behind the firewall at work.

I, myself, haven't had time to mourn yet.... but it will hit me very shortly. As soon as my licenses expire and I am forced to download another client application (Napster and or Rhapsody) to re-download and sync, I'm sure it will be a painful day.

The comments of the post above also bring out another couple Music Now lovers, with one summing up their thoughts with...

I just want MusicNow back :( About six months ago I turned to Scooter and said "I wonder how AOL will f this one up?" Here's our answer!

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