Thursday, May 12, 2005

Intel 10' UI Prototype

Intel UI Prototype

Granted, this image is not that useful, but I am simply excited by the fact that I took and posted this image directly from my phone. So, I'm at the "Connections" conference and just heard Kevin Corbet (Intel CTO) talk about their vision of the digital home. The 10' UI they showed was actually very slick (not that you can tell from the image).
  • At the very top is the notion of presence (and buddy lists). Based on the user/users that are "logged in", the content and UI that is surfaced is personalized for that consumer
  • Below the buddy icon/list is an ad banner
  • Front and center is a viewport in which the video content is displayed
  • To the left of the viewport is the consumer's "my stuff" menu
  • To the right of the viewport is the on-demand media navigation
  • As a user drills down into a menu's heirarchy, each level of navigation UI fades and moves back along the z-axis (with about 3 levels of heirarchy viewable at any given time)
  • Below the viewport is a horizontal user playlist in which programs and/or ads can be queued up for consumption

Intel suggested that premium content would be available for full-screen view while free (ad supported) content would/should only be available within the viewport with surrounding clickable ads. While a user is watching content and see a banner ad for something that interests them, the click it and is appears down in the user's playlist at the bottom of the screen. When the content is complete the user can go back to the playlist and launch a 10' (remote control-navigated) flash advertisements.

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