Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two Minutes and 42 Seconds in Heaven

Great story. Follow the link and learn why 2:42 is the ideal length for the perfect song.

Two Minutes and 42 Seconds in Heaven by Joshua Allen - The Morning News: "How many horn solos does it take to kill a perfect pop song? JOSHUA ALLEN applies science and taste to determine the exact best length—down to the second—for the platonic song, including a full mix tape of samples."

Then head on over to Muxtape to experience a mixtape comprised solely of 2:42 long songs.

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Unknown said...

Is it me, or am I the only one who is tired of angry, curse-inflected blogging? If you can't say what you're going to say without resorting to faux-indignation and pseudo-bile, then don't say it at all. It's amazing how much impact a well thought out, carefully reasoned post can have. You know what they say about flies, vinegar and honey.

(And, yes, I realize the slight irony of this comment.)