Wednesday, May 30, 2007


In the vein of and Webjay, another new entry in the space is a French startup called Jiwamusic. In addition to building and sharing playlists from "free-range MP3s", they also enable you to upload your own - which I think is a legal liability (just look at what is happening with Imeem). – A music sharing community - "If you are a music lover and you like to check out what other people are listening to, join, a community site where you can create and share playlists through your member profile. Other people can see what you are listening to, and you can check out their personal playlists. It looks like the site is still getting on its feet, as right now most of the member profiles are pretty incomplete and there aren’t too many people joined yet. Once it is up and running, it could be like a more user-controlled Pandora site, providing you with new music based on your current interests. You can see from peoples’ profiles what they are into and in this way find new music. When you see a song you want to check out, just click on the link and you can listen to it right on the site. It may not work well if you don’t have a high-speed connection, but at least the site doesn’t require you to install anything to use its services.

In their own words:
“With JiwaMusic you can search and listen to your favorite tunes, create and share your playlists... "

Jiwamusic has some nice touches that I wanted to highlight:

  • it is simple to queue up tracks to listen to, or clear the queue and listen immediately
  • they surfaced artists that I didn't expect they would have (see below)
  • they build auto-playlists out of your recently listened (from their site)
    they display how many people (and who) have subscribed to your playlists - a great feature to see who you are influencing and establishing social connections
  • unlike others in this space, they aren't enabling you to download the MP3 - but instead are opting to surface a "buy" link (coming soon) - it could be an interesting sales driver, particularly in a DRM-less world
  • their customizable (color/size) embeddable player gives you some freedom to make it match the destination site

All-in-all, I was impressed.


Anonymous said...

Also check out MX Play a new enhanced player/browser which now allows you to directly import your webjay playlists. Its a bit buggy but worth a look.

Anonymous said...

BTW - the jiwamusic link is broken - it has a misspelling

edison said...

It was very helping & i have found something similar to this..