Tuesday, May 29, 2007


What do all you Webjay users do not that Yahoo is pulling the plug on the service? One option is Grabb.it. Grabb.it is one part MP3 search/aggregator, one part MP3 bookmarking site and one part XSPF playlisting site. They are also offering a pain-free way to import your playlists (or anyone else's for that matter) from Webjay.

While the in-page player (in the header) is touted as a benefit to pop-up players, I have always found these a bit frustrating. I often find myself clicking away on links while I'm listening and many times the page refreshes on you and stops playback.

Other than that, looks pretty solid for free-range MP3s - but I would like to see some more prominence of the playlists and community.

Other playlisting sites you may want to check out are Musicmobs & Fiql.


Anonymous said...

Another option is MXPLAY - it is a full media player including online playlist sharing and mp3 discovery built in - check it out.

MXPLAY also has painless import of your playlists from WebJay to MXPLAY.

J Chris A said...

Thanks for the review! The Grabb.it team is working on making playlist access simpler, as well as expanding community features, so we definitely understand where you're coming from on feeling the need for that stuff.

Hopefully we can also get our in-browser player to be as predictable as iTunes, etc. Our fundamental goal is to treat music as a first-class citizen of the web, so we've made a decision to take the hard road and build are pages as purely as possible from html. URLs that end in .mp3 are where it's at, or at least where it will be!