Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's MYspace, and you will do as I say!

Another day, another story about MySpace blocking 3rd party widgets and content from their site. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I am watching a car wreck in slow motion. Everyone on the web is embracing openess, portability and interoperability... and MySpace is quickly heading in the other direction and building a closed ecosystem. I'm not sure if they are trying to model themselves after Apple in that regard or what, but in my opinion it is going to quickly backfire on them. They appear to be trying to turn themselves into AOL circa 1990. Meanwhile, AOL is trying to turn into MySpace circa 2005. What a strange time we live in.

So... another prediction (I need to keep trying because most of my others haven't amounted to anything yet). MySpace will become this generations' White Pages. It's not where people live, but a simple directory of where you can find out where they live. You'll go to Tila Tequila's MySpace page and it will just ssay "check me out at".

After the mass exodus - to places where users can do whatever they hell they want, and post whatever widgets they want - what's left for Fox?

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darmik said...

As far as the Myspace love fest. It needs to end. Artist, fans, and consumers of content must know and understand that any revenue generated for Myspace (A Newscorp company) is going to continue to fund the operations of fox news ( as well as the continued dismantling of independent media around the world. If as an artist or a fan or a user of the Internet you support any social issues or an independent and free media then myspace is not the place to become a member. By doing this you give them continued revenue and power.

If you want to sell digital content anywhere on the internet and also give part of your revenue to charity than can help.

If you want to join a social network that gives a part of its revenue to charity then is the place.