Monday, March 26, 2007


Speaking of Apple and Steve Jobs, someone forwarded me this spoof today from MadTV. Enjoy....

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Anonymous said...

i hope this is the right place to comment on the AT&T/Napster connection.

i can see how a lot of consumers would be really psyched about this kind of universal access to tons of music. however, i don't see how the large labels would be able to make any money at these prices. their costs are built upon $15 cds (which are eroding). do you see millions and millions of people paying $3-5/month for this access? even if you do, that's 36-50 dollars a year per consumer. i'm not sure this is going to be workable for large music labels.

in addition, i've been told by the middleman who puts my releases on iTunes that they only put music on iTunes because none of the other online music stores don't pay. this is an often overlooked issue.