Thursday, January 11, 2007

CES 2007: Almost Back

So, I'm finally on my way back home from CES. Four days in Vegas is just too many. Give me 2 days, that would be perfect. Just enough time to lose some money, but not long enough to do too much irreparable damage to my liver or my bank account. The biggest news at CES... Macworld. Or, more specifically the iPhone (or whatever it will be called after Cisco sues Apple for infringing on their copyright). I'm not a huge fan of Apple, or Steve Jobs, and to be honest... my hope was that the iPhone would suck. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it sucks (no surprise there I guess).

As for the attendees at CES itself... most of it was relatively boring in my opinion. Lots of HDTVs as always, but this year they are just bigger and better resolution. Dual mode HD-DVD/Blu-Ray players that cost as much as stacking a dedicated HD-DVD player on top of a dedicated Blu-Ray player. More iPod accessories than you can shake a stick at.

I finally made it over to the Sands Convention center (where the smaller companies where), and that is where the more intersting stuff was. Sling was there with quite a crowd. Torian, the Aussie company with a wi-fi portable radio, was there. A couple of EVDO/WiFi routers that you mount in your car's trunk and turns you vehicle into a dedicated hotspot at 70 mph. Moxi is entering the retail channel this year with the set-top box/entertainment center/DVR.

There were a handful of other things that I thought were relatively interesting, but my brain is resting right now and unable to recall what they were...


Anonymous said...

That mobile Wi-Fi in the trunk of the car sounds interesting. Which companies are planning on offering that? That would be a nice thing to have with the Sansa Connect.h

jherskowitz said...

One was called Autonet Mobile ( and the other was WAAV (