Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Broadclip Results

Hmmm... so my test with Broadclip didn't go as well as I had hoped. I'm guessing some of it is a "cold start" problem, but here's what I got after running their agent all night.

  • Birdmonster = no results
  • The Thermals = no results
  • U2 = 2 results (although both results were the same song)

I also got a bunch of songs that I would consider "crap" based on my selections. Artists such as "Ace of Base", "Hillary Duff", etc. It's not a stretch to understand that U2 could very well be played on the same station as those others (considering their popularity and widespread appeal), but I was hoping for a little more intelligence based on the context of my other selections (Birdmonster/The Thermals).

More disappointingly, once "clipped" the song was actually cropped in the middle and turned into two separate MP3s - one with the first half of the song, the other with the second half. Obviously a bug that I hope will be resolved soon.

The other (more) major issue is that there are no settings allowing you to specify a minimum bitrate for the songs that you wanted. Obviously, doing so would result in less matches, and a longer amount of time required to get what you are interested it, but my U2 song(s) were at 24kbps/MONO(!). This is a function of the station that is broadcasting it, but I would like to bea able to filter those out. Basically, songs at that low quality are not something I would ever want to sync to my portable and listen to repeatedly.

So, I'm going to give Broadclip more time to cook before I try them again. I still think it is interesting, but not yet ready for primetime.

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