Friday, April 01, 2005

Public Library

I FINALLY finished ripping my CDs! It took several weeks, and my library now tops out at over 9300 songs but the project that has been on my to-do list for several years is now complete. Unfortunately, the whole project could be deemed as being done in vain considering that I am very close to subscribing to a full-blown music service that includes "portable teathered downloads". For those that find themselves without their Secret Decoder Ring, that means that as long as I keep paying my monthly fee, I can download and sync to a portable player (and access them from devices connected to my home network) virtually any song I want when- and wherever I want. Of course, to burn a CD you will still have to purchase the songs you want, but with portable players with FM transmitter peripherals (for the car) and Digital Media Adapters (for the living room), I have no need for CDs anymore. But, you never know what kind of screwy ideas the record labels are going to get in their heads... if they start to monkey around with the digital rights schemes, I wanted to be safe and have everything I already own in form in which they ae easily accessible.

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