Thursday, April 28, 2005

Digital Music News: Insider Blogs

Digital Music News: Insider Blogs - A good argument from Rags Gupta (COO of Live365) in support of streaming "IP Radio" (although he is obviously biased by his Live365 affiliation) and the various forms it may take. His blog was promted by Om Malik's posting that closed with:

The Internet enables consumers to be highly selective. In other words, digital music is the first big market that allows mass customization. With an iPod/iTunes or Creative Zen/Napster combination, I can create my own radio stations, sans ads. It doesn't even cost much. Companies like Napster will rent you as much music as you want for $15 a month.

Why listen to someone's generic playlist when you can create your own? (Looking for help finding new music? Free online music recommendation engines like can find tunes you might like.)

Do you really need online radio? I didn't think so.

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