Saturday, February 17, 2007


What: This program will look for tracks played from Real's Rhapsody service and submit them to the Audioscrobbler database.

Why: Tracks you listen to from Rhapsody will appear in your Last.FM profile.

I found this RhapsodyScrobbler mashup on ProgrammableWeb at the end of last year and was very excited by it. Unfortunately, something wacky with my PC and/or network kept this from working for me, but hopefully you guys won't have the same problems.

I think it is pretty clever in its approach... basically it just pulls in your Rhapsody Just Played feed, parses it and then submits it to using their plug-in protocol. It would be great to see more work done on this that it supported other web-based players/services via standard RSS too.

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Anonymous said...

I'll need to check this out. Lately I've been using YottaMusic (which is built on top of Rhapsody). They have a cool feature that allows you to scrobble your tracks to