Friday, February 09, 2007

Linkroll Broken

A couple of people pinged me today wondering where their companies went in my linkroll in the sidebar. It seems that the script I am using maxes out at 100 items, and they were rolling off the list in order of tenure. So, you will see that a number of very prominent companies in the space aren't in the sidebar, including notables like:

And a number of others. I'll have to find another script that lets me display more links, but in the meantime you can always see/subscribe to the entire list here:

Sorry guys, I wasn't dissing you.... but thanks for bringing it to my attention

1 comment:

Anonymous said... link rolls only return 100 max. I have the same issue with the Blogs with mini Streampad page. At first I just included 2 different tags. It put a space in and did not alphabetize the two lists.

Now I grab the raw json feeds which still return 100 but am able to combine them into 1 array and sort them. If you look at the source code of that page you can probably figure out how to do it.