Saturday, February 10, 2007

Add Some Juice to Streampad for a Tasty, On-the-Go, Treat

I have a feeling I'm late to the game here, but as I was struggling through the process of trying to download songs one at a I time while using Streampad, it finally struck me that a great compliment to this streaming media web application is a small podcatching client. Honestly, I'm a bit embarrassed that it took me this long to come to this realization, the concept is one I'm very familiar with (and fond of) from Music Now.

Simply copy the RSS feed URL (from the details window in the lower left) for any playlist that you have created, subscribed to, or that Streampad created using their very useful PageStreamer bookmarklet:

Paste that URL into your podcasting receiver of choice (I'm using Juice - the artist formerly known as iPodder), and let it run. Now you've got all of the songs from your playlists on your machine where you can then sync, burn or listen offline.

The beauty of the PageStreamer capability is that you can easily subscribe to (and download) songs from your favorite music blog with no work required beyond adding the URL ("Open URL") and clicking "subscribe" and then taking the resulting feed URL into your client (as shown above).

When Stereogum (for example) adds a new review and MP3, it just flows to you - ready to throw on your portable device the next time you sync.

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