Monday, January 01, 2007

Rags' Soapbox: Digital Music Predictions for 2007

Rags Gupta has posted some predictions for the coming year.

There are some good ones in here, with my favorites being:

* will be bought by Google, Viacom or Clear Channel in that order for a figure in the low to mid hundreds of millions of dollars.
* Pandora will go to the suitor that lost out on

I think Google is a great guess for a acquistion, particularly considering they are in the business of aggregating usage behavior around consumers. They've also been quietly dipping their toes in the water with their Google Music Trends (which is fed by their IM client).

As for Pandora, I've got to think that Microsoft would be the most likely suitor considering their recent deal to have Pandora power their relaunched MSN Radio product. Also, an acquistion of a highly-regarded "music 2.0" company would give them some much need positive publicity to help feed their Zune ambitions....

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