Thursday, January 18, 2007

Orb brings iTunes to Wii console

I've been a fan of Orb for a couple of years. Their remote access + transcoding/transrating engine has enabled me to stream music, tv and videos to my Smartphone while in my car, sitting in an airport, or just showing of to friends... "look I'm watching The Daily Show on my phone!". They also power the relatively new "Winamp Remote" feature of Winamp 5.3.

This relatively easy "hack" (if you can even call it that) now enable Wii owners to listen to their music over their stereo.

Orb brings iTunes to Wii console | Reg Hardware: "Demonstrating that you can do convergence on a budget, Orb claims that Nintendo Wii owners have downloaded 50,000 copies of its software that permits them to access their home music and photo collections on their games consoles."

Personally, I use a Media Center PC connected to a first generation "Media Center Extender" (from HP). I think I'm one of the few that actually own one of those things, but it gets the job done (with varying degrees of success - depending on whether I'm trying to stream audio or video over my 802.11g network). It's a nice step up from the Turtle Beach Audiotron that I used to use (or the 50 foot RCA cables connected to the mini-jack Y-adapter connected to my soundcard that I used before that). The question that I'm starting to ask myself, is what will I use next? Vista + Xbox360? AppleTV? Some other Set-Top Box? Not sure yet, but when I decide I will let you guys know...

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