Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pandora Gets Profiled

Pandora is ramping up their community - as they and continue on their paths towards each other's feature sets (or, if you can't wait then check out the Pandora/ Mashup from Real-ity). Specifically, they have now included:

Listener Profiles: Now you can use Pandora to maintain a complete description of your musical preferences, a kind of musical biography, and share it with the world. Just click the "Pandora Community" button above the player, select "View Your Profile," and tell the world a little about yourself and the music you love.

Listener Search: Find other Pandora listeners that share your musical tastes, hometown, school, or place of work. Explore their favorites songs and artists, listen to their stations, and leave them comments. Even bookmark them so you can check what they're into later. Just click the "Pandora Community" button and select "Find other Listeners" to get started.

Artist "Fans": Browse profiles for other folks that are listening to each band we play. Just click the "more about the music" button above the player, search for a favorite artist or song page, and start exploring. Or once you've made a station, find other people listening to similar stations by clicking the little triangle next to your station's name in the player and selecting "Find Other Fans of this Artist".

Station Search: Search a universe of listener-created stations... looking for "Electro Goth"? no problem. "Romantic music"? yep. You name it, someone out there has probably built a station around it. Build a 'station page' for each of your stations to ensure that your own creations show up in the search results. When you find a station you love, leave the stations creator a comment on their station page.

They are actually also, like Finetune, coming at personal broadcasting from the angle of.... "you tell us what you like, we create the station, you embed/syndicate it". I can only think that the Labels are watching this very closely as the definition of "interactivity" of the DMCA gets tested.

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