Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gaining Momentum - Music 2.0 Wiki

Wow, what started as a combination of Paul Lamere's idea for a wiki, and my ever growing list of companies/services, has obviously hit a sweet spot.

Some great coverage over at The Digital Music Weblog....

I'm going to be on vacation over the holidays, but I'm going to try and spend some time (by the pool) adding to the wiki and building some templates. Please... any/all ideas are welcome.

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RocketSurgeon said...

While I applaud your effort here - I never really liked wikis all that much. I have created Rocketsurgeon's Music 2.0 Directory using blog tools . This approach has some benefits including category browsing, user comments, user ratings, and more. There are already over 200 entries in the directory. Check it out at: