Friday, April 15, 2011

Metadata, Microformats and Tomahawk... Oh My!

Yesterday I wrote a post over on the Tomahawk Blog showing how with just a little html markup, any page could be made to work with Tomahawklet.

Today, I wanted to just do a little bit more showing how you could make song info in sentences/paragraphs playable. It's actually the same exact thing, but the idea I am toying with is how bloggers can add more value to their context and keep their writing more fluid and natural if they didn't have to jam a big flash widget (e.g. YouTube, MP3 player, etc.) in the middle of all their paragraphs.

Please excuse my inane drivel, this is why we need real bloggers and reviews to provide better context than my example below... (hint: if you have dragged the Tomahawklet button to your browser toolbar, click it now)
I'm digging the new song "Lippy Kids" by Elbow. It's pretty mellow, but still sticks to your ribs. You don't like that?
OK, maybe give Grouplove's "Colours" a spin. A nice upbeat ditty, no?

Too much? Alright maybe we can bring it back down a bit with
Sadie from Fences.
I'm thinking a Wordpress widget that let users just highlight/indicate what word is an artist name, and which track belongs to it, could be pretty cool....


(Just click "close" and the shade will close but continue to play.  To reopen, just click the bookmarklet button in your browser toolbar again.)

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