Monday, February 09, 2009

Trying to Get a Clue

Apparently I don't have any fans at The Register. I'm not sure why the personal attacks, but perhaps I ran over the writer's dog in another life. That aside, I just wanted to briefly comment on this...

TotalMusic goes totally titsup • The Register: "Uh, now - let's see, Jason. Why didn't TotalMusic crack it? Well, you don't make it easy to find and share music. You don't allow people to keep music. You fail to make all the music in the world available - but you don't allow people to share what content they have, either? And you want to keep the billing relationship?"

I'm not sure what product or offering is being referred to here, because there is nothing in this statement that is representative of what I was working on. Although, I do agree that I would find a model built on those principals to more than a bit distasteful. That, and we also seem to have a similar view of my skillset.

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Alex Brown said...

This guy Orlowski obviously doesn't know you Jason or anything about what TotalMusic was trying to do with TunePost. Sounds like he just likes to blindly sling mud.