Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sony BMG + MP3 - DRM = Amazon

Sony BMG has given us all a roller coaster ride over the last week and half or so. They announced they would offer DRMless MP3s, and we all cheered. Then they announced their ill-conceived MusicPass initiative and put the fear into us all that was all they were going to do. Some even went so far as to say they were *trying* to fail with DRMless MP3s... "hey, we tried it and no one bought them so now put the shackles back on!"

Now there is a collective sigh of relief that they have, in fact, signed with Amazon to make their catalog available sans DRM at everyone's favorite online retailer.

Sony BMG Will Allow Amazon to Sell Its Music Without DRM | Listening Post from "Sony BMG made history Thursday by becoming the fourth and final major label to allow its music to be sold without digital rights management, issuing a announcement that's MP3 store would start carrying music from the label by the end of this month."

Phew, disaster averted....

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