Friday, January 11, 2008

Note to eMusic... Round Up

I, like most eMusic "subscribers", anxiously await the date our monthly download credits refresh so we can scoop up the tracks and albums that we've bookmarked over the previous month. I actually never knew my exact date of refresh, although I knew it was sometime around the 2nd week of the month. Well, after I realized (or were told by a few people) that I had sort of slept on the Spoon and Of Montreal albums last year (made *lots* of people's top 10 lists, but for some reason I never got around to listening to them) - I decided I would scoop them both up on eMusic.

So, on January 9th I checked my refresh date and luckily it said my monthly refresh was scheduled to happen on on January 10th. Nice, so I went to bed with the intention that I'd grab them first thing in the morning. But, to my dismay, when I woke up it still said I had 0 credits. I checked back a couple hours later... 0 credits. Another couple of hours later.... 0 credits. Rechecked my refresh date... yep, it was the right day... Jan. 10. There should have been 30 credits in my account, but still 0.

By this time I was really annoyed. I contacted eMusic's customer service to be told that my credits would refresh "at some point throughout the day". Would it kill you to give me the benefit of a a half a day to give me a better experience? Hell, I'd even prefer to give up 12 hours and you can round up.... tell me my account refreshes on the 11th (instead of the 10th) and I would have been a much happier customer. Whatever happened to underpromise and overdeliver?

And while you are at it... can you add a "remember me" checkbox on the login so I don't have to re-enter my credentials every time I want to browse the catalog?

Or perhaps you are just getting back at me for my mention of you in my 2008 predictions?

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