Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fully Converted

My monitor on my home PC fried last week while I was traveling. I talked to HP's customer support who, after determining that my monitor was indeed fried and that my warranty expired a few months ago, asked... "would you like to order a new one?".

Uh, yeah... but certainly not from you guys. Has that ever worked for them? We're sorry you just had a terrible experience with one of our products... you want to pay us to try again?

So, with some quick research it is once again confirmed that PCs are disposable... a new 20" widescreen monitor is $300, and a new AMD PC with 20" widescreen monitor is only $100 more. I considered taking that path (as I have before) but then decided that I would just bite the bullet and convert to an iMac at home since I've been on a MacBook Pro for about 6 months and am very fond of it.

After running up to Best Buy and having to track down somebody to take my money, I got home and as expected got the new Mac up and running in about 20 minutes. The wife and kids are already very fond of it.

The old PC? Well, I'm going to move it to another part of the house and getting it configured to do so is taking hours (had to slap a spare wireless card into the tower). There goes the rest of my night.... but at least my purchase has already been validated.

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