Sunday, August 19, 2007

Plug-ins to Share iTunes Tracks

A few months ago I told you guys about the AIM plug-in that enables any/all of your buddies music libraries to show up in the "Shared" node of iTunes. Essentially tricking iTunes into thinking that these buddies are on the same subnet (local network). The result is a streaming-only experience that you are familiar with if you already use the shared library function of iTunes - no copying, no ripping. These ideas actually aren't all that new, but they are now resurfacing after several dormant years. The AIM one works pretty well (still basically alpha therefore buggy at times). But, now that a Mac is my primary machine I have switched to Adium for my IM client and therefore I'm now out of luck.

Well, in steps Simplify Media with their iTunes plug-in that does essentially the same thing (with claimed support for Winamp and Windows Media Player coming soon). It allows you to invite up to 30 friends to join your "Media List". Technically, the number of people that can stream simultaneously off or you machine is limited by your bandwidth (combined with the bitrate of your tunes). Realistically, probably only a couple/few at one time. The 30 person limitation seems to be little more than trying to get protection under Fair Use?

I am using Simplify Media to give my friends and family access to my music library. Set up is fast, and the software is integrated with Apple iTunes.
To play my music, download Simplify Media for Mac or PC from:

Once installed, click the 'invite' button and use my screen name: jherskowitz

It's simple, safe and free.

Currently I am trying it out to get access to my home library when I'm not on my LAN (also see my posts on Streampad, Orb/Winamp Remote and other remote access products). Anyone else out there using it? If so, hit me up so I can try it out.

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