Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dell Buys Zing?

I've written about Zing a number of times. They have pulled together a very nice device and ecosystem - unfortunately it has been confined to being offered by Sandisk and only works in conjunction with Yahoo Music. Now word appears that Dell may be buying Zing:

Dell Buys Wireless Access Expertise, Plans Zing Purchase — Digital Music News: "Ahead of that shift, Dell is now circling around wireless media specialists Zing, a company that recently teamed on a WiFi media player concept with SanDisk and Yahoo. 'In a move that reflects the renewed interest and energy being directed at its consumer business, Dell plans to use Zing and its capabilities to continue improving the entertainment experiences it provides its customers,' the company declared in a brief announcement Monday."

That's great news for Tim Bucher and his team - but unfortunate for us consumers. Dell has proven themselves fairly inept at selling MP3 players (and other consumer electronics I believe). I would hate to see such a nice product as the one the Zing guys have made wither on the vine....

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