Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Project Playlist

This comes from a Webjay competitor called Project Playlist. Looks to essentially search for hosted MP3s, then lets the user create a playlist out of them, and then embed the player into your site of choice.

Here's a random one:

The site is an absolute mess - there are ads everywhere and you search is less than useful. But...

UPDATE: I got rid of it, it didn't seem to have a way to turn Autoplay off and it was really starting to get annoying.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you should totally check out

Its like webjay or project playlist, but a lot better. You can upload your own music, or search through music with their search box. And you can completely customize the player, including autostart.

jherskowitz said...

You should add this to the directory of services at

Anonymous said...

oh you should try

absolutely no Ads. just simple and faster music playlist. Embed it anywhere and where you like

Anonymous said...

hey u should try

nice one they got too.