Thursday, May 05, 2005 - First Look: New Rhapsody Hits a Sour Note - First Look: New Rhapsody Hits a Sour Note: This may be the most complimentary review of a service that simply doesn't work that I've ever seen. How does a review that starts out with:

"But despite trying with two IRiver H10 MP3 players, two Rhapsody accounts, and two PCs, and getting suggestions from Real engineers, I was never able to transfer any Rhapsody track I hadn't bought outright onto a portable player. For me, at any rate, Rhapsody To Go just didn't work."

End with this?

I'm still prepared to love the new Rhapsody--if Real can get the portable subscription service to work. In the meantime, it's a fine service for people who don't mind being tied to a PC to listen to their music. If you really can't wait to take your subscription music with you, though, I'd suggest trying the imperfect but functional Napster to Go service for now.

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