Monday, February 04, 2008

Rhapsody Snags Yahoo Music Subscribers Before Microsoft

Further consolidation in the music market....

Yahoo selling music service to Rhapsody America - "Yahoo is selling its digital music subscription service to Rhapsody America — a partnership of Real Networks and MTV Networks — as it revamps its music strategy.

Yahoo Music will continue to offer music videos, Internet radio and music downloads. But customers of its monthly Yahoo Music Unlimited service will be migrated to Rhapsody. No firm timetable has been set. Yahoo, which expects the deal to close by the middle of year, did not disclose terms."

Now all that is left if for Rhapsody to buy Napster, and the subscription market has been weened down to Rhapsody vs. The World (save's upcoming streaming subscription service).

This story talks about Yahoo keeping their Music destination ( and ... I definitely believe the former, but I still think the latter could be up on the blocks at some point.

I think this is a good play for Rhapsody, and sooner or later people *will* understand the value of subscription. When the do, they'll be the only game in town...


Anonymous said...

You know, I've tried just about every digital music alternative out there and have weened it down to...are you ready for this? Napster. That's right. I think it is the most stable and offers what I want -- music dial tone. Here's the question: what's stopping millions of others from shaking off the iPod trance and seeing exactly what I see? Would love to know your opinion. Thanks.

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