Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Last.fm's Subscription Details (or just speculation?)

Silicon Alley Insider says they have an inside tip on details of Last.fm's upcoming subscription tiers...

Last.fm's Subscription Service: Bite-sized And Super-Sized? - Silicon Alley Insider:

  • "A mini-subscription, priced at $4 a month. This would let users stream more music than they can for free -- Last.fm's current deal limits users to 3 plays per song, per month -- but would be capped at some number. We've heard 100 songs a month, but that seems too tiny to entice many users.
  • An all-you-can-eat, unlimited subscription, priced at $10 a month."

SAI closes saying they are skeptical of the validity of these rumors... what do you guys think?

To me it says Rhapsody better get going and (re)introduce some of the community features that they briefly showed up last year but have subsequently disappeared.

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Anonymous said...

The idea of paying cash to play beyond the 3 stream limit last.fm imposes on their users makes sense if it was the only site in the game.

However imeem.com and deezer.com both offer free on demand tunes without the 3 track limit. In fact they've been offering it for months before last.fm got all the attention and have a wider selection of music.

A subscription will have to offer downloads to be interesting.