Sunday, November 18, 2007

Where Classic Rock Goes to Live

I drove from my home in Northern Virginia to upstate New York this weekend, and every time I do so I am amazed that apparently the only thing you can find on the radio from Gettysburg, PA all the way to Syracuse, NY is classic rock. All Zeppelin, all the time. You've got to wonder if these stations have had the same rotation for the last 30+ years.

"Radio?" Yeah, I almost never listen to terrestrial radio anymore, but what are you to do when your portable player's battery dies and you don't have a car charger with you? Well, apparently you just listen to the Top 10 playlist from 1969... and put it on repeat.

Get me (and everyone else) cheap/pervasive high-speed internet access to my car and/or mobile and watch how fast terrestrial radio goes into the toilet.

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