Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Industry Moves: Last.fm Swarms Musicmobs

Toby Padilla, creator of Musicmobs (one of the first "music 2.0" sites out there) has packed his bags, ideas and talent and moved to London to join Last.fm (nee CBS) as their VP of Client Software.

I heart Musicmobs: "In the end, I accepted Last.fm's offer to help create the social music dream team :) I'll be heading up the desktop and client software division and working with some really amazing people to take the Last.fm desktop player to the next level."

Congrats to Toby - and to Last.fm for getting him. Not only has he shown he is a visionary in the industry (and all-around good guy) but he has the unique distinction of getting me to join Facebook. Perhaps I can file charges against him for drug dealing?! :-)

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Unknown said...

Thanks J! It's really cool to see all of the new MyStrands and Last.fm stuff happening. Starting to look like a new wave of social music!