Sunday, May 20, 2007 New Bite-Size Pieces

Man, I can't keep up. After stumbling across - and writing about - the new Rhapsody community stuff, I decided that I need to update some of my widgets in my sidebar. Remove some of the stale ones, tweak a couple others, and add a couple new things. I noticed that my widgets were broken, so I went on over to see what was up... and wouldn't you know it, they now have a bunch of new flash widgets and some deeper MySpace integrations. Not only can you publish the widgets directly to your MySpace page (and Facebook soon) - but you can also import you MySpace music profile information to build a radio station.

In addition to flash charts and quilts, there is now also some sidebar-friendly radio and playlist players. The playlists also are relatively new and enables you to build playlists out of the full-tracks that are available throughout the service.

The game is really heating up, with the big guys getting bigger and new start-ups popping up every day. For the latter, I think it may be time for many to start looking to consolidate...

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