Tuesday, August 02, 2005

WSJ.com - Real Time - The Case of the Missing Music

WSJ.com - Real Time - The Case of the Missing Music: "Mr. Arnold notes that 1.5 million songs is currently the benchmark for an online service, adding that he believes that benchmark will be replaced by five million. But he notes even that will leave a lot out: Gracenote -- the service that in all likelihood does the magic of identifying the CD you just put in your PC -- has nearly 50 million tracks in its current database."

A good article on the the process (or lack thereof) the record labels undertake to get their artists' back catalogs onto the digital music services. It seems that companies like Snocap are trying to lure the record companies into simply monetizing consumer's encodes of this content (instead of waiting for the labels to encode it themselves). Eventually, the belief is that there will be a "good enough" digital copy from someone in the audience that the labels will able use for their archive without having to incur the cost of doing it themselves.

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