Thursday, August 10, 2006 Shout Out to Extended Family

charliebigtime's blog | "Shannon Shorr will not become a household name if he wins tomorrow but he will return home with over $900k..."

As long as I'm throwing out props to my friends, might as well throw my extended family in here too. It tunrs out that my step-cousin* (figure that one out) is a poker whiz-kid... he was in the World Series of Poker, but was disappointed when he busted out in about 500th place (still out of 9K, not bad at all). The cool thing is that still translated into about a $20K purse. Sounds like somewhat on a whim he entered the $10K Bellagio tourney, and has been on fire... today he is playing at the final table with the opportunity to take in almost $1 million. Not bad for a 21-year old kid... eh?! I can't say that I know him (I probably last saw him when he was a really little kid), but it's still cool to follow nonetheless.

Check him out and read his blog if you are into poker.

He is WAY better at keeping his blog up-to-date then I am. :-)

* My maternal grandfather's stepson's (my step-uncle's) son. Make sense??!

UPDATE: He won! Payday for Shannon was $960,000. I'm in the wrong business.... :-)

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