Monday, February 27, 2006

Digital music fans: Should you rent or buy?

I'm not still not a fan of the term "rent" (you don't "rent" cable TV - or milk for that matter), but I agree there are people that should buy tracks and others that will benefit more for a subscription service. Below is a quiz from The Mercury News that will help identify which approach may be better from you.

KRT Wire | 02/24/2006 | Digital music fans: Should you rent or buy?: "SHOULD YOU BUY OR RENT YOUR MUSIC?

1. The collection of CDs I listen to regularly has:

A) fewer than 100 discs.

B) more than 100 discs.

2. I often want music that I don't have on CD.

A) True.

B) False.

3. The music I listen to is:

A) usually easy to find in stores.

B) not easy to find.

4. My musical tastes:

A) vary from month to month.

B) don't often change.

5. When I buy a song I like, I:

A) don't listen to it any more than the rest of the music I've purchased.

B) listen to it over and over again.

6. I listen to the radio a lot.

A) True.

B) False.

7. I learn about new music:

A) by hearing it in random places and tracking it down.

B) from friends' or trusted sites' recommendations.



Add up the number of A's and B's from the seven questions.

More A's: You may want to consider renting; it gives you the opportunity to explore a huge catalog of music without committing to any one song or artist for too long.

More B's : You probably want to consider buying; either your tastes are too esoteric or you're the type to purchase a few songs and enjoy the heck out of them"

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