Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pre-PDC Exclusive: Windows Vista Product Editions Revealed

Pre-PDC Exclusive: Windows Vista Product Editions Revealed: "Vista will feature two categories: Home and Business. In the Home category, Microsoft will create four product editions: Vista Starter Edition, Vista Home Basic Edition, Vista Home Premium Edition, and Vista Ultimate Edition (previously known as the 'Uber' Edition). The Business category will feature three editions: Vista Small Business Edition, Vista Professional Edition, and Vista Enterprise Edition."

So, I was almost right. I've been speculating for some time that Media Center would be bundled with the "standard" home edition of Vista. Well, Microsoft has announced no less than 7 different version of Vista, with MCE being part of the bigger "Vista Home Premium" edition. The article speculates that this will be the volume seller, with it being the equivalent of XP Pro. Good news for those of us awaiting mass market adoption of Media Center.

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