Tuesday, August 02, 2005

More insider details about the PS3? - Engadget

More insider details about the PS3? - Engadget - www.engadget.com: "...there will eventually be some sort of USB TV tuner add-on for the PS3 so it can double as digital video recorder (best part: it sounds like it'll incorporate Sony's LocationFree technology so you can access recorded TV shows using your PSP from anywhere in the world over the internet)."

I have yet to hook up my Slingbox, but have used Orb to "placeshift" my television content before. All-in-all, it is a pretty cool concept but I have yet to find a real use for it. But, if I can give my buddy the rights to view my shows from his PS3, then that is a pretty compelling angle on media sharing that I think could make consumers giddy but copyright holders and cable providers nauseous.

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